Bedroom, Prague 2014

"Bedroom, Prague 2014"


The reconstruction of the bedroom began by laying parquet flooring from brushed oak treated with natural oil. The furniture arrangement was not too difficult in a quite large room (25 m2) . The basic requirement of the investor was especially delicate … Read more

Library – family house, 2014

"Library – family house, 2014"


A Beautiful bright attic space designated for the library was not difficult to equippe. A carpet on the floor was replaced by a massive oak parquet. A floor laying was made by Heth.


The bookcase was logically placed … Read more

Kitchen 2015

"Kitchen 2015"


The original layout of the kitchen was not very happy. With regard to the doors and windows there was only one possible solution within 2 lines that hindered to an appropriate location of the dining table. It was therefore … Read more