Veronika Kostová

IMG_7644_bwOver time I got a little detour on my way to the interior design. After graduating at the Vaclav Hollar High School of Fine Arts I worked as a textile designer at the Institute of Housing and Clothing Culture. As I always loved France I studied  French Philology at the University and my life was detached from the arts for  a while. Still, I have never completely lost contact. During the doctoral thesis I lived with my husband in France and then in Germany. Applied art, housing, clothing and style have always been in the forefront of my interest and the life in these countries was a great school for me.

I missed my own creative work so much that I finaly returned to roots and studied interior design at the  Intermezzo School. Now I am fully devoted to this field. I also write a blog about living and design at

I am an avid collector of the 20th century art, regularly attending auctions, watching young artist’s work, going abroad to see new art directions . I always try to enrich my implementations by all forms of art, considering it as a part of the interior design, unfortunately often neglected.